David Bars has the New York sound in an era songs are only poppin’ if it sounds good. He has the lyrics and substances that old school cats are looking for.

David Bars grew up in New York City in the Bronx where hip hop is said to originate. His gritty style embodies how New York City really is. Leave all the flashy, and flamboyant music out of David Bars circle because he has something to tell you that you need to hear.

Q: You and Dave East flows are similar. Do you get any inspiration from him?

DB: Not really East. My inspirations are Nas and Kendrick but it’s really more the pioneers. I like East though. I think he’s dope.

Q: Do you feel you can bring back that New York sound?

DB: I don’t think it went no where. I just think it’s just not put out to the masses the way it should be. I just feel like when you come from here you have that sound. It’s just embedded in us. That’s just our natural sound. People stray away from that to do what everybody else was doing. That’s why everybody was like can it come back.

We got all the spittas here. I feel New York and Philly got all the spittas.

That’s true. Being from South Jersey I get experiences from both places. 

DB: Yeah you right in the middle.

Q: Do you think there’s still people that want to listen to lyrics not how the music sounds?

DB: You got people out there that want to hear lyrics. I think the younger generation don’t care about lyrics too much. They want to have fun with the music. You can put it in there but it’s just how you approach it. If the beats are dope and you aren’t preaching to much then yeah I think they’ll listen to it.

Also, at the age I’m at I feel like I can appeal to both the older generation and the younger generation. I’m right in between.

Q: How old are you?

DB: I’m 26.

Q: Growing up how much did hip hop influence you being from where hip hop was created which is New York City?

DB: A lot. I probably wouldn’t be rapping if I wasn’t from the Bronx. Everything was music. My older brother used to do music and I grew up in the Crotona Park area. Crotona Park East was where everything originated in the Bronx. All the summer shows would take place there and they still do to this very day.

Q: Did you ever get to meet any New York legends?

DB: I’m affiliated with Showbiz and D.I.T.C. studios. D.I.T.C is the camp that Fat Joe came up with. It was Fat Joe, Big L, Lord Finesse, OC and Diamond D. I’m affiliated with that. I never met Fat Joe personally but I met DJ Kool Herc.

Q: What was your favorite artist growing up?

DB: My favorite artist was Jay-Z. I used to go to Best Buy and buy all the albums before streaming came out. I used to actually go out and buy hard copies.

Q: Back to D.I.T.C. studios. Can you go further in depth about it?

DB: It’s just legendary to be in that environment. They know so much about the industry. When they embrace you it’s just a good feeling. They are brothers and mentors. It’s just a genuine relationship. I’m happy to be in the situation I am so far. I’m real grateful and I appreciate everything they’re doing for me.

Q: How does working out help you get your mind right in the studio?

DB: I work out everyday. I always been into working out. In this industry you got to stay in shape. Doing shows and all that takes a lot out of you. It’s just a stress reliever and it’s a part of my everyday living. It’s a lifestyle.



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