“There is no Plan B..Plan A gonna work.” That is how CT artist DUBI feels about his rap career and in this new exclusive interview we sat down with him to see just how he is going to make Plan A work.

By: Albert Dadson

Dubi is just the kind of artist I like. An artist that tries to hook you in with the lyrics and not trying to sound good. His body of work speaks for itself as he has a song with Fred da God Son and he went to SXSW where he preformed and met up with hot artist. He is not stopping while he’s ahead though; he has more on the way and he will not stop until Plan A is successful.

Q: How has CT affected your music?

D: It’s hard out here trying to make it in a small market so got to go hard. A lot of stuff wasn’t handed to me growing up here so I had to work for everything that I got. Where it was hustling or just grinding extra hard and going to other cities I worked hard for everything.

Q: How was it like to work with Fred da Godson on a song?

D: That shit was dope man. It’s a real milestone for me. I grew up listening to Fred so now I’m doing tracks with niggas I grew up with. That’s a big deal for me. Fred da Godson, 40 Cal from Dipset, Project Pat and Tsu Surf are all niggas I grew up listening to. Especially Fred Da Godson because now I think everything I dreamed of is obtainable. He came to the hood and he came to the stu and that was real inspirational shit man, real inspirational.

Q: How important is it for you to get your fans to listen to your bars and not how it sounds?

D: That’s important because if you’re not allowing people to hear you then you might as well just play the instrumental. I want people to hear what I got to say. I want to hear my story and I want people to relate to me and I don’t want to be somebody else. When I say somebody else, there’s a lot of harmonizing and niggas ain’t worried about the bars. Niggas can go that route easily but I need people hear what I’m saying, feel what I’m saying and I want them to be able to get through certain shit listening to my music.

Q:What do you think would make new listeners start listening to your music?

D: I think a lot of cross marketing and me stepping outside of my comfort zone. I need to get out to other cities and get them to feel my story.

Q: I saw you tweet “Ain’t no Plan B…Plan A gonna work #facto.” How confident are you in your music career?

D: I’m 100 percent confident. I know this shit is going to happen because there ain’t no Plan B. I didn’t make a Plan B because Plan A has to fall through. I can look back and say we not on the decline. Everything we do we leveling up so there’s no reason to stop. There’s no reason to fall back on anything.

Q: What was it like being a part of SXSW17?

D: It was good for networking. We ran into a lot of people. The best thing is the artist aren’t around a lot of security. You get to actually mingle with your favorite artist. They are just walking around so it’s good networking for up and coming artist. When you travel like that with your team, it brings you guys kind of closer together too. It’s just an overall experience. You get to network and build your brand over something like that.

Q: Any artist you got to meet and rub shoulders with?

D: I was kicking it with Cory Finesse and Dave East. I wouldn’t say me and East were chopping it up but I got to show my respect but we was right there with him. Also, Frenchie from Bricksquad Monopoly. I seen 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, and Snoop Dogg.

Q: What steps are you taking to take you career to the next level?

D: Right now I’m trying to expand and hit major cities and just basically promote the hell out of myself in those cities. I’m trying to get out there and make those people listen to what I’m going through. I’m also reaching out to people and cross marketing. The big thing is investing in myself and not being afraid to put that money up to better my career. I got to do what I got to do to put myself in different platforms because there’s a lot of people that’s nice in rapping or whatever they do but they not getting heard because you not on the platform. Platforms like certain blog sites and certain radio stations.

Q: What’s the best part of being a rapper to you?

D: Come on man, the girls man. But also I love when people listen to my music and listen to what I’m saying. When you can talk about what another person can relate to and you don’t even know them that feels great.

Follow on Twitter: @dubla_37

**The links to the song with Fred Da Godson are hyperlinked in the article. Listen to it on AppleMusic.


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