Mere Mercy sat down with us for our first video interview. We talked about his new project  coming out called Big Mercy and we even got a chance to listen to some new songs on his tape. He has some big things coming.

By: Albert Dadson

Photography: Troy Pearson

Mere Mercy let us listen to some of his new songs on his tape and from the sound of the new tape he has not taken a step back from his collab release with Peso. Albert Dadson sat down with Mere Mercy to talk about what his influences were, what he had in store for his new album and how he plans to stand out from everybody else.

Photo Credit: Troy Pearson

We talked to Mercy last year and it was went he dropped the Streetz Iz Talkin’ tape as said before with Peso but now he is coming with his solo effort Big Mercy which will be coming out this summer.

Mercy talked about the concept of real rap and finessing the listener. He explains it in the video. Mercy is trying to focus on how to get people to listen to what he is saying in his songs but also to maintain a decent fanbase.

The balance of not going commercial and stay real is a tough one and a lot of artist struggle with that. You have to maintain the image of you being real but you still have to sell records. The artist with the most success with this is Jay-Z with his astronomical respect underground and commercially.

Mere Mercy talks about how to maintain respect in both fields. You can watch the interview at the bottom of this page.

Photo Credit: Troy Pearson

All photos are credited to Troy Pearson and he is the videographer of the interview. All thanks go to him for making this possible.



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